Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Intra Deprtmental SANKALAN 2010- a success!!!

It was a great achievement for Delhi University Computer Science Society ,Department of Computer Science to organise Intra Sankalan 2010 in its premises , where more than 40 teams sat in events like SPRINT(C/C++),JAVA JUGGLING(Java Programming),DEBUG++(Debugging event),MIND MATTERS(IT Quiz).Also we had a great response by the students of MSc Computer Science and MCA students in the non technical event -DUMB CHARADES where students enjoyed to the full.

Keeping up with the Go Green Theme, the organisers took out printouts of prelims and mains , on both sides. Also the question papers and answer sheets have been saved , which will later again be sent for recycling.

Apart from this, the qualified students will be awarded in SANKALAN, which will encourage the students to take part in such technical events in future also.These two days were very mesmerising and we, the organisers were enthralled to such a response from students.

Algoholics was one event , which was an overnight event, the qualifying students in prelims were given certain problems which were to be solved overnight.Next day our qualified judges took their presentations.

To keep up with this spirit, we made an initiative to bring together academia, technical skills , and of course some fun and frollic. The success of Intra SANKALAN has motivated us to organise SANKALAN with great vigour!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Steps taken this year for a better and a green future..

This year we plan to go green...So with the right energy and spirits, we are on a green drive...Some of the very basic steps we will take to promote a green future are as follows:-
  • No brochures to be sent to colleges along with the invitation document. Instead, all the relevant details to be provided on a single sheet of paper with both sides printing
  • The idea of both side printing will be maintained for all modes of communication with the participating teams during the event. This also includes questionnaires and instructions for preliminary and main events
  • Each participant will be provided with a single notebook/notepad with the registration kit. No other paper will be provided to any participant for rough work or any other purpose whatsoever during the event
  • All communications to carry a note to save paper and encourage both sides printing
  • The invitation card to be sent to all faculty members will be handmade and to be designed on a recycled paper
  • Laptops to be used throughout the event as they consume less energy compared to a desktop computer
  • Sankalan and i-dream team to ensure no littering happens during breakfast/lunch/dinner. Participants to be requested to throw material or waste and leftover food only in the specified dustbins
  • 2 separate containers to be kept near the water can. One to hold the used glasses and the other for the water. The water collected through the day would be used for watering of plants in the campus garden
  • A waster paper collection centre would be built within the premises of the campus where the event would take place. The participants would be requested to deposit the waste only in the collection centres
  • All the waste paper collected during the event would be sent for recycling
  • For the overnight coding based event, the participants would be asked to do their work in hostel rooms instead of the lab. This would save significant amount of energy throughout the night
  • The participants would be encouraged to walk to and fro between the event venue and labs .
  • The participants would be made aware about green lifestyle habits through green tips leaflet to be inserted in the registration kit and through standees and banners
  • At the end of the event, as a carbon neutralizing initiative, trees to be planted by the organizing team and the participants (though who would register for tree plantation drive)

Hope we will get an amicable response from the participants and audience..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Go Green..

Climate change is something that you hear about almost everywhere you go. Most people understand the general concept of what climate change is but many do not know what the long term consequences are.

Global warming is causing the planets temperature to rise steadily. As the temperature rises, the ice on the earth begins to melt and this in turn raises the sea level. This can cause devastating things in the future and it is up to us to help slow this process.

There is not a way to stop this entirely, but there are many ways people can help make this process happen slower than what is currently is now. We are wasting so many resources that we are constantly polluting our environment. Something as simple as changing to energy saving light bulbs in the home can help combat this major problem.

If we do nothing global warming will affect us sooner than we think. Some cities that are currently below sea level may be overwhelmingly flooded causing many national tragedies around the world. Although we can never completely stop climate change, it is up to us to give the next generation the tools needed to slow down the process.

So , this year we plan to go green...

SANKALAN 2010 is a meticulous effort to save our planet earth from the detrimental effects of climate change..Its an innovative approach towards a green future..Lets join hands for a brighter tomorrow...Lets make it happen..